Wilderness First Responder (80 hours)

This 80-hour course is a comprehensive, professional-level training program suitable for those who work in a non-standard environment, as well as recreationalists planning extended and remote expeditions and outdoor leaders. This is the industry standard for professionals including guides, ski patrol, and search and rescue teams.
Training focuses on detailed assessment and medical care, particularly in emergency situations where equipment and resources may be limited, and includes CPR training to BLS standard.
This course requires a high level of commitment, and includes self-study and homework assignments. Delivery format includes both classroom time and 4 days of practical outdoor scenarios. The course is delivered over 9 days (72 hours), supplemented with online learning.
Prerequisite: none. Includes: certified instructor, use of first aid equipment, course manual.
Certification: Wilderness First Responder certificate and Intermediate (Standard) First Aid certificate with CPR C and AED training (for workplace use)


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