Tryouts for 10 month Programs (LTAD) [Cochrane]

Our LTAD Teams have been very popular and we appreciate all the support. With regards to tryouts, we will post here on or after May 28 as to the ages of children we will be looking for and the spots available in our LTAD program. This approach is being taken as we allow the existing members to complete their registration by May 27. Once tryouts become available, in early June, we will post steps here regarding how to book your tryout. 

Tryouts are free of charge and open to all, however we do ask that only participants who are truly interested in furthering their development in gymnastics, as it is a 10 month commitment and their is a lot of information to be considered prior to trying out. Please call the gym at 403-932-7373 for information on spots available, what is involved in being a part of this 10-month program and to potentially book a tryout. Our team program has over a 96% average return rate and our goal is to offer a lifetime of great fun and memories.

Follow us on our Facebook at UCalgary, Gymnastics Cochrane for the most updated information and messaging options. This includes tryouts for , Inspire Competitive Artistic Gymnastics, and SR. Trampoline & Tumbling Twisters Program (ages 12+). Athletes will need to be registered not only by the program in which they are interested in, but must also meet the age requirement listed. Developmental Girls Gymnastics for ages 4 & 5 years old can be done by emailing and book a time with one of the Senior Coaches as this age group will not be doing the regular scheduled tryout date. 

Current Offerings

Sorry, we don't have any offerings at the moment.