Coach In Training (CIT) 13+ (Calgary)

The Main Campus Gymnastics Centre is proud to offer regsistered gymnasts age 13-16 the opportunity to become a Coach In Training (C.I.T.). This volunteer program is geared towards individuals who want to learn more about coaching with the intent to become a part of our certified coaching team. 13 year old CIT's will complete the program over two training years. 14,15 & 16 year olds may have the option of completing the program in one or two training years.  This is an amazing an experince for young teens to learn how to manage a class, work with the public, share their passion for the sport of gymnastics, and learn life skills. The goal of the program is to provide excellent training with certified, professional staff, and set them up to become a successful coach and ready to take the coach courses to become a certified coach.

To find out all of the information and to get more details as to how the program is implimented, contact Deb Munro by or by phone.

Current Offerings

Sorry, we don't have any offerings at the moment.