Speak Up

Learn how to be a better speaker, performer, presenter with a week of hands-on activities and games.  Whether you’re an aspiring actor, debater, politician, poet, or anything else that has you standing in front of a crowd, learn techniques that will help you master the mic.  Led by stand up comedian and poet, Alan Leangvan, and spoken word poet Miranda Krogstad, you will learn tried and true methods that will boost your confidence on and off the stage. 

Miranda Krogstad is the Instructor for this unique and engaging camp.

Miranda is a spoken word poet and educator who uses her words to empower students of all ages and walks of life. Teaching life skills including self-confidence, self-expression, and community-building, she has performed workshops in dozens of cities across Western Canada. Outside of the formal educational setting, Krogstad is an advocate for positivity and love in the spoken word community and beyond, performing on subject matter from mental health awareness to gender equality. Krogstad was a member of the 2016 national wild card team, a two-time Canada Council for the Arts grant recipient, a Calgary Arts Development Grant Recipient, and a participant in the Banff Centre International Spoken Word Program. She has since founded the organization YYSpeak to promote and support Calgarian spoken word poets and events.

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Aug 2023
Aug 2023
Speak Up - Entering Grades 8-11 - August 21-25
9:00 AM - 4:45 PM
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