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Ki Aikido

Active Living's newest Martial Arts Program Coming Fall 2024
Registration commences July 15.

Ki Aikido is dynamic, non-aggressive, Japanese martial art that emphasizes how to achieve our best levels of performance through coordination of mind & body.  In Shinshin Toitsu Aikido (Ki Aikido) we practice principles we can apply to improve all areas of our lives.  Training includes Ki development for personal health and growth, and in addition to the martial art, practice involves breathing, meditation, and Kiatsu®.

Training follows the traditional Japanese etiquette, and is adaptable to different levels of conditioning and ability.

Classes are taught by the instructors of Calgary Ki Society - the only body in Alberta certified by Ki Society International - under the purview of CKS Chief Instructor James Angevine, 7th Dan in Ki Aikido, Okuden in Ki Development, Full Lecturer with Ki Society International.  Registered participants are also welcome to attend classes at the CKS Main Dojo.

Though Ki training and Ki Aikido are suitable for all ages, this class is for ages 14+.  For programs for younger students, please visit the dojo.

Instruction provided by Calgary Ki Society. 

Program fee works out to approximately $16.50 per week.