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Fall Registration starts on July 15, 2024

Learn Koryu Uchinadi, the Mixed Martial Art of Karate.

A holistic system of striking & grappling based on the original principles of Okinawan Karate & southern Chinese Chuan Fa. Focused training provides excellent overall physical conditioning & functional self-defense. All levels are welcome.  More info can be found on the club website

This club is part of Bunbukan Karate and more information can be found on the club website.

Program fee works out to approximately $15 per week. 


Youth Karate

Fall 2024 registration opens July 15.

This program teaches practical defensive strategies against habitual acts of violence within the tradition of classical Okinawan karate (Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu). The program uses both modern and ancient pedagogical principles to develop the exceptional coping strategies and characteristics of our students. Highly prized virtues of our students include: courtesy, humility, effort, focus, patience, perseverance & courage. This is an excellent family program and parent-child participation is strongly encouraged.