Joint Effort


GLAD is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for individuals with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms. This program includes two education sessions, 12 neuromuscular exercise sessions (60 minutes each) and the opportunity for data collection and quality monitoring (measures taken at initial visit, upon comple of the program and 12 months). Classes will run twice a week for one hour over 7 weeks.

Joint Effort

For healthier hip and knee joints! The University of Calgary's Joint Effort program is a 6 week exercise program for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis.

Joint Effort Follow Up

Continue your progress with these effective, once per week sessions. 

Joint Effort Personal Training

This training package provide 1.5, 3, 5, 10, or 20 hours of personal training sessions (see programs details for pricing).
The client will receive one-to-one training time with a certified instructor.

Joint Effort Unlimited Access

The Joint Effort pass program is reserved for individuals that do not require assistance with their exercise program. The PASS program allows individuals to access the fitness center on their own, outside of program time.  During the Co-vid 19 pandemic, Fitness Centre access sign up procedures must be followed.