Intramurals Floorball

Our Newest Sport
Next offering Fall 2024

Registration Opens August 15.
Registration & Playing Request Deadline Sept. 17, 4:00pm
League Play Commences Sept. 22.
Max. 10 Teams.

Floorball is a type of floor hockey that uses three- five field players and a goalie. Games can be played indoors or outdoors on just about any surface. Floorball is like hockey but with some key differences.  Players are not allowed to stick check, stick lift, or go through the opponents stick to dispossess the ball.  Floorball is primarily a non-contact sport aside from shoulder-to-shoulder contact, similar to basketball or soccer. 

What is the difference between floorball and hockey?
The big difference between the two is that the rules of floorball do not allow for any high sticking, stick contact, or body contact, so the game tends to be less physical than Floor Hockey and more skill oriented and fast paced.

All equipment will be provided by Intramurals, with the except for goalie masks, they must be supplied by the participant. 


*All participants must be a UCalgary student or 18 yrs of age.*

Team fees work out to be approximately $9.00 per player/game base on a 10 player roster.
Individuals fees work out to be approximately $13 / $17 per game.