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Intramurals Gym Curling

Our Newest Sport
Next offering Fall 2024

Registration Opens August 15.
Registration & Playing Request Deadline Sept. 17, 4:00pm
League Play Commences Sept. 22.
Max. 10 Teams.

Gym Curling

FloorCurl lets you enjoy the fastest-growing Olympic sport wherever you have a smooth, flat surface. FloorCurl is iceless curling equipment that uses target mats and stones on bearings to provide a curling experience accessible to all.
Participants of all ages and abilities love the ability to play curling anywhere, whether they’re lifelong fans or they’ve just discovered the sport for the first time. #CurlAnywhere.

Sign up as a individual or team.

*All participants must be a UCalgary student or 18 yrs of age.*

Team fees work out to be approximately $4.00 per player/game base on a 3 player roster.
Individuals fees work out to be approximately $11 / $15 per game.