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(Please note, if you wish to reset your UofC IT account or eID, please click here.)

Please be prepared to answer some basic information about yourself and your Personal Verification Question. You will need the following:

  • Your Username
  • Your Date of Birth
  • The answer to your 'Forgotten Password' Question

Forgot your Username?

There are actually a few ways to login with us. The University of Calgary has multiple ID's for a person, so it might just be one of these:

  • eID (firstname.lastname)
  • IT Username (
  • Your home Email address and Active Living password

If you would like to login with your Active Living member ID and password, contact Active Living at 403-220-7749 or to have a temporary password emailed to you. Then enter your ID and the temporary password and log in. You will be prompted to create a new password.

If you do not have a University of Calgary eID, IT account or Active Living account, it's pretty easy to create an account.

Item To Add
Tumble Bugs (4-5yrs coed) non-Parented [Cochrane] - (Group A) Tuesday 10:30-11:15 a.m.
Tumble Bugs (4-5yrs coed) non-Parented [Cochrane]